Monday, March 14, 2011

Democrats Hope Twitter Will Be Their Savior

Democrats Look to Twitter to Reverse Fortunes for 2012

 If the Democrats think they are going to use Twitter to win and that will be their savior, they have another thing coming. These Democrats seem to think that they have all the answers, but the only thing that will save them is President Obama pulling the people into the polls as he did when he ran the first time. This is the only thing that will save the Democratic Party from destruction, and that may not even be enough to counter act what has been done over the past two years. We have to understand that the people are mad at both parties, but most people are not looking for a quick fix. The quick fix for the Democrats was to pass a stimulus that did not work. Their next plan was to just keep printing money because they have no idea what it means to print money you cannot back up with anything of value. Now we are told oil production is at its highest under Obama, but the facts are misleading the people. It takes YEARS to be able to start to drill in new areas, if you can get through the channels to be able to do so. If Obama thinks HE is the reason there is more exploration now, then he is sadly mistaken. What Obama has done is try to deflate any kind of gains we have made over the past decade or more when it comes to drilling for our own oil or going after our own coal.  

The Democrats have overplayed their hand and now they are overplaying social media to try and win another election. If reality is any guide, the young people that came for Obama will never come out again for him in the numbers they did. They know what he is about and they want a more Liberal man in the White House. President Obama has not made the far left happy enough, so in turn many of them will not be coming out to the polls. In a Democrats mind, there is no "lesser of two evils", only the man or women on the far left to take them to their Liberal paradise...whatever that may be. 

We have seen the social networks used before and they will be used again. The Republicans have never taken advantage of what the internet brings, and for them to beat the President in the next election they will have to use the tactics of the Left to do so. This may come as a surprise to you, but the Democrats are good at using social media when they have to, and putting candidates out there that will beat the "old school" republican any day of the week. If this happens again, and Obama is in the White House for another four years, we may see four years of gridlock...not just two!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Global Warming to Blame? You Know It!

Global Warming Caused Japan Earthquake?

There is another blog about this that you MUST read, and was written by another host over at Blog Talk Radio, Diane Student, host of the Freedom Wings Show.That link is below, and the link about is to another entry that I picked up on from a Google search.

Global Warming to Blame for Japanese Earthquake? (via Freedoms Wings Blog) 

Now, I know most of you do not have to be scientists to know that the earthquakes were not caused by a warming or cooling in the climate. Those who are trying to tell you that melting ice caps are moving and then causing earthquakes and somehow volcanic eruptions leaves me speechless. How can a normal person believe this is the case when all the science we have ever learned as a child would spit in the face of this kind of theory? There is NO WAY this is the cause, yet there are people who will fall for it hook, line, and sinker because they are looking for ways to blame industrialization on anything they can.

If we were to look back at what the Earth USED TO look like, we would have seen one massive continent known to scientists as Pangaea. This super-continent was then broken up by movements in our plate system and other factors that are still theorized to this day. For this continent to even have formed to to break apart, in the theory of those who blame climate change for the earthquake, then there should have been a massive warming period to go along with it. This is something we do not have evidence of. Since there is no evidence that Pangaea was broken up by warming trends caused by industrialization of Paleozoic creatures, then the theory that this earthquake was caused by man made means is ridiculous.

I am no scientific expert, but I have studied this at length in college and in other venues and the same answer keeps coming up: WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHIFTING OF PLATES!!! There may be some out there that disagree, but the argument you give is off the mark. No one is going to believe you when all scientific proof points to that these things happen, and will continue to happen no matter what humans do industrially. If someone can prove me wrong, I am here waiting for the proof. I am certain, however, that your theories are baseless and have no scientific backing what so ever.

A tragedy is now being used to advance a political agenda, which should not surprise us in the least considering that these men who are pushing the climate change argument are only looking for their next payday. It is sad that people would use this to advance an agenda like this when people are STILL being found dead in the streets and there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS still missing and feared dead. You have to have some sort of mind to try and get people to believe something that is not true in times of trouble, just to make a quick buck.

Possible Nuke Meltdown In Japan

We know there are thousands dead and missing in Japan after the tremendous earthquake, which was upped from an 8.9 MAG to a 9.1 early this evening. Our prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake and all it has brought with it afterward, especially those living by the nuclear power station in question tonight. Japan has only a few hours to get the reactor cooled, and if they are not able to they are preparing for the worst. People are already evacuated from the region, and Japan may be dealing with this for many years to come. This is a terrible thing that has happened, and what I saw on twitter today made me sick!

There were people on twitter trending Hurricane Katrina! How on earth could you possibly make yourself think that is anywhere near funny, amusing, or necessary on a day like today? The problems that Japan is having is not to be compared to the tragedies of this nation, because both are tragedies in their own right. We do not feel the pain f the Japanese, but we felt the pain of those living in the Gulf region during Katrina. I understand that mindset, but at the end of the day this is about the Japanese and NOT about America. There are some people in this country that are so stuck up that for 10 minutes they cannot forget about themselves or what is going on in their lives to try and help someone who needs it. You people make me sick! 

There is so much coming in every hour about this tragedy, and if I get an update in the next few hours before I go to sleep, I will make sure to come over and update the blog as well. I cannot wait to get back to the radio show next month, and hoping it may be sooner than that if work goes the way I want it to for the next week or so. Again, keep the Japanese people in your prayers and if you feel the need to donate, make sure you know who you are donating to.

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 MAG Earthquake Hits Japan

While there is no number yet on the people lost in this tragedy, I want to extend my sympathies to those who were effected by this quake and the tsunami as well. In the coming days and weeks, you know all of us will be asked to give, and if you choose to, make sure it is to a group that you KNOW the money will get to where it is needed. There is not too much to say about this yet since it is so early in the ordeal, but I will come back a little later in the day to write up another blog on what is going on in Japan, the U.N. and United States response, and much more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is It Wise To Blame "NO Child Left Behind" For the Failing Schools?

82% of schools could be labeled as FAILING

The Department of Education is now blaming the No Child Left Behind Act for the failing schools, saying that the restrictions are so tight that schools cannot keep up with the requirements. Is this because the schools are not doing their job or because the requirements are too tough on the schools? I thought we cared about our children enough to do what it takes to get them the best education possible, but when that fails we blame Bush yet again for trying to fix the schools that are broken. Let me let you in on a little secret...THESE SCHOOLS WERE FAILING BEFORE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!! There was no basis to judge the schools before that point, and now that we have them and a large number of schools are failing, the restrictions are the problem, not the schools. If the Department of Education had any brains at all they would know that these schools were failing long before No Child was passed into law.

The President would like to spend even more money on the schools and get rid of No Child Left Behind, but making rules that schools will be able to follow just to say they are not failing does this country no good. Like many other aspects of government, the Democrats want to cook the books, so to speak, to make it seem as if the schools are doing well when in fact they are still failing and the kids are still not learning. We need REAL education reform in this nation, and that does not begin by throwing more money at the problem. We have spent money and it has made the situation worse, now it is time to get the parents involved in their child's life. If the parent's do not care, then why are the kids going to care? If the kids want to just go home and play XBox or Playstation and eat a bag of chips and not do their assignments, I do not care how much money you spend we will still have a country full of stupid kids!

No Child Left Behind is NOT the reason schools are failing, the SCHOOLS are the reason the schools are failing. The money is not being used appropriately, kids are being taught be teachers who could care less if they teach or not as long as they get their benefits, and a government that wants to change the rules in the middle of the game to make kids think they are smarter than they all are. Why not just give every kid an A no matter how well they do just to pass them along? Our educational system is trash, and anyone who thinks that No Child Left Behind CAUSED this problem have no idea what you are talking about.

Frank Buckles Being Denied His Day Because of Congressional Leadership

Frank Buckles, the final American to pass away who fought valiantly in World War I for this nation, passed away early last week. I have been wondering what to say about this, and that is why I have not written anything so far. Tonight, however, I am a little bit mad and I am kind of glad I am not doing the show this month or all of you would have had to listen to me scream about Rep. Boehner, Sen. Reid, and their incompetent decision to not allow this American hero to lay in State at the Capitol Rotunda. The LAST surviving member who fought for America in World War I is not good enough to lay in the Capitol? Really? Why not? Was his sacrifice not good enough? What did he do for America but help fight to protect t it! These people in Congress make me sick, and they are all self-absorbed stuck up rich boys who could care less about the historical significance of this moment in time. Boehner, someone who I thought was different, is no different than all the others and the people can see it in this situation.

What does the Congress want to do? Have a "celebration" outside the Capitol to celebrate the life of a man, and other men, who fought for this nation. This man is not good enough to lay in state at the Capitol. Let us look at those who were given the honor of lying in state... Unknown Soldier of World War I (yes, the unknown soldier of World War I laid in state..odd, is it not?), J. Edgar Hoover, and ROSA PARKS!!!! I did not list the President's who have laid in state or the others, but there are some many of you will not know. These are the biggest names that have been given the honor in our nations history. This could also be given, by Congressional decree, to Frank Buckles. This is not being done because the leadership in the House and the Senate only care about themselves.

And why is our President silent on this? You would think he would have th e power to tell the Congress to act on this before they go any forward on anything else. This would take a few minutes to vote on and then we could go back to work on other issues of our day. The President has missed an opportunity to be a classy guy, so I am convinced he must not be.

All in all, we have lost our sense of respect for others and it makes me so mad to think that these people in Washington cannot stop thinking about themselves for TWO MINUTES to recognize a man who deserves to be recognized. If Rose Parks was given the honor, then this man, Frank Buckles, a man who FOUGHT for this nation and lied so he could, should also.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Obama's Mexico Problem: Why No Action?

It seems that American's are being gunned down at an incredible rate inside Mexico and even over the border into the United States by drug lords and smugglers, yet our President seems to be slow to act. I try to think about what those in the past history of this country would have down, and it would have had to be more than what President Obama and even President Bush did on this issue. The two, on immigration, are cut from the same cloth and have this strange idea that if they protect the American people from being killed on their own property on the border they will tick off the Mexican government. Even if that was the case, I ask why should we care what the Mexican government thinks?

For far too long we have allowed Mexico to become a safe haven for drugs and those who smuggle people into the United States, and there has been no recourse taken against the Mexican government. Our last few President's have been very weak on this issue, and now that MORE Americans are dying the people of this country want results, not just more political talk and more people being killed.

I am not saying we should invade Mexico tomorrow and make sure this does not cross our borders anymore, but there are other ways we can make sure this does not cross our borders and we are not doing it. Everything these days is about talking to one another to get things done, as if that has ever worked in the past. Do any of you think drug and human smugglers are going to listen to our President or the Mexican President if they sat down to talk with them? You have to be some kind of stupid to think they would! 

This has been a topic I have talked about many times on the show and will have to talk about more it seems when the show resumes next month. I have yet to understand what the mindset is of the people who lead these two countries. I know what the NWO nuts think is going on, but even that has flaws. If our governments wanted to join a new type of union at some point, having people killed in Mexico would not be good enough for the people of this country when it comes to getting behind something like that. It is all about fooling people into believing it is for the best, and what the people see now would frighten them to no end if there were to be some kind of union put in place between the North American countries. For the time being, their plans (at least the ones talked about by the conspiracy theorists) are failing miserably.

I would hope that all of you out there are reading this and will call your Senator's and Congress-people and let them know how you feel about American's being killed in the violence going on over at the other side of the border. Let them know this has to end and the American's living on the border of Mexico deserve the right to be protected just as those in other states would be protected. This injustice has gone on long enough, and it is about time something was done about it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should Racists and Bigots be Made to Shut Up or Should we Hear What They Have to Say?

I know there are many of you that come across racists, bigots, and every kind of person that has some kind of problem with another people on a daily basis. Do you want to hear what they have to say, and should they be allowed to say it? This comes up because I have traveled through a few BTR chat rooms over the past couple of months and have seen racism on both sides of the spectrum. You would think by this time in our lives we could get past color and religion, but many older Americans who are stuck in their ways refuse to admit they are no different than the black guy or white guy down the street. What is also becoming more evident is the hatred against the Jews in America. I know some may think it is funny, but it really is not. The Jews did not do 9/11, they do not run the world, and they are not cooking up a plan to be a dominate religion that will pounce on all religions and make everyone pray to their God. This is just not happening, but those filled with hate are the ones who will tell you it is true.

More to the point, though, do we want to hear it or is it better for those people who have those feelings to keep it to themselves? I did a show once when a caller told me they want to know what others are thinking so they know not to associate themselves with them in the future. This makes sense because we would like to know who we are associating with at all times. However, the opposite side to that would be those people who have these feelings are able to connect with others who also feel the same way. They can make people who would not normally agree with them agree because they are in a group where the majority of people are hating against another kind of people.

I have been watching the people at my show and what they say and how they say it. I have seen the same people in other shows and I have to admit I am not that impressed with how many people come across when they are around those who may hate someone because the color of their skin or because of their religion. One moment people are saying how much they support Israel and the next they are at an NWO themed show talking about how the Jews are out to get everyone. It cannot be just me, the rest of you out there have to see it as well. It makes me sick to see that people, today, cannot get along because some other people make up things in their minds and pass it off as fact. There is NO PROOF that Israel, Jews, or anyone like that was involved with the 9/11 attacks yet people out there still say it?

So, do you want to hear other people's hatred or would you rather not hear it and have them keep it behind closed doors? Me, I am split on this so I will wait and see what all of you have to say on the subject. 

Should Western Nations Get Involved in Libya?

This is something that I talked about on the show before the break but thought I would add a few more thoughts to the discussion and see if anyone would want to jump in. The way I see it, what needs to be done is anything that can be done within reason to protect the people of Libya. These people are being killed because they want a new leader, new government, and a new outlook on life. The Middle East is going through a very large change, and Libya is no exception. It is not up to the American people or the American government who the Libyan people decide to lead them, but it should be the world's job to make sure that innocent people are not taken out in body bags as a dictator kills his own people until the bitter end. This has gone on for far too many days, and the United Nations should be ashamed of themselves.

It was not until Monday until Western nations starting moving in to the border of Libya to help the people of that country. Why could that not have been done a week ago when we KNEW that Qaddafi was killing his own people and handing out weapons to those who sympathize with his regime. We all know at some point he will fall, but that does not mean he has the right to take as many people with him as possible. If this was in any other place in the world we would have sent troops in the day after we heard the rumblings and made sure it stopped. Because it is happening in the Middle East and we are afraid of what the people may think if they see NATO troops, then we stop and pass resolutions to tell Qaddafi to stop. It might be just me but I do not think he is listening to us!

ALL people, not just American's, deserve the right to elect their own government and feel safe that their government will not come into their home at night and kill them for protesting against the government that was meant to protect them. This is what everyone wants, yet not many people have it. If the Libyan people do not want this, then that is fine. On the other hand, I do not think that they want to be killed in the street by their leader or those sympathetic to that cause. If the West sent troops in tomorrow, took Qaddafi, then left the day after those in Libya would be happy we intervened. They would be happy because it would be one less day they would have to watch their loved ones being gunned down.

You may not agree with me, and I know many of you do not. Some may think we should leave that part of the world alone and not stick our noses into their business, but when innocent people are being killed it is not only our right but the duty of the American people to stand with them and say we KNOW you want to be free! It is our duty to stand and say we will stand with you, help you, and then leave you to make your own choices without the United Nations, United States government, or any other entity that may want to stick their noses where it does not belong. The PEOPLE of Libya are crying for help, yet the body in charge of helping them is silent when people are being murdered. The United Nations has served its purpose and is no longer needed as far as I am concerned. The individual nations of the world can help, leave, and then let the Libyan people decide what they want. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Been A While, But A Lot More Coming!

Thank you all who listened to my final show before I take a little break from the show. It has been a year since starting Conservative T & T, and we are still going strong. I will be back in April to start talking more about the Presidential elections that are coming very soon and other news as well. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and I am no different. I do appreciate everyone being so loyal to the show and all the new listeners that have helped me grow the show to something I never thought it would be.

While the show is off the air for the next month, you will be able to find my thoughts here. I hope you will all participate in the discussions and throw in your two cents, even if you disagree with me.

Have a great night, and thank you all again for your support. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indiana Lawmakers Now Leaving The State!

I understand that all the Democrats want to at least be like each other, if not one-up each other if they can, but this is getting ridiculous. Do the lawmakers in these states, Wisconsin and Indiana, understand at some point they are going to LOSE! There is no way around it. There are three ways it will happen: They will come back on their own, they will be arrested, they will be recalled. That is it everyone, that is the choice the lawmakers have in Wisconsin and Indiana. The Democrats have sided with the unions for so long they do not know where their loyalties lie, but this shows the people all across the country the TRUE colors of the Democratic Party and who they REALLY work for.

This looks a lot like something small children would do at playtime in elementary school (where by the way the kids of Wisconsin are not learning how to READ!). Do you remember the good old days of Democrats passing legislation because they KNEW the people would come around to it? Do you remember the good ol' days when the Democrats did not run, they shoved it down out throat until it was sore? Those days are over, ladies and gentlemen. The days of running across state lines to avoid detection and having to do any kind of work at all until the next election when more Democrats will lose their seats because of games like this is happening now. If the Democrats think this will help them, they are mistaken. 

The Republicans need to keep the pressure up on the state and national level, and more states need to bring legislation to the floor that will lead Democrats to leave the state. This is a win-win situation for the Republicans. If the Democrats leave, the people will see they are not working for them and the next election will turn the seat, and if they stay you can put a real hammer down on the union power in these states and start to get some fiscal responsibility back into government. Having said that, the Republicans need to only sit back and watch the Democrats implode from within, because we MAY be seeing the age of a new political party starting to emerge in this country with the Democrats on their last leg. Will it come soon? I really doubt it but changes take time and the lesser of two evils, many times, wins the day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

UK's Cameron Says Multiculturalism has Failed

It has been a couple days since I wrote anything up, and since this is a topic I will be covering on the show later tonight, I thought I might as well get some thoughts out before hand. Here is the article I will be using on the show later tonight:

The UK is finally starting to wake up, even though for years they have been calling people who said the same thing "crazy" "racists" and every other name in the book you could find. NOW the UK wants to open their eyes when earlier last year I said on the show it may be too little too late for them at this point. I do believe they can change, but the open door policy that they have had for those who would be extremists has been on-going for a very long time. To try and change everything now, when the country is almost certainly filled with extremists would be a very hard task indeed. If they choose to be tougher on those they allow into their nation, then maybe they will get somewhere down the road. 
For right now, the United States also needs to look at this kind of policy, and those in positions of power have to be willing to admit that they have screwed up royally! I know this is not something our government is good at doing, but for the country it needs to be done. How many people in this nation right now would be able to cause it harm because of their extreme Islamic ideology? The number may not be high or it may be, but no matter what the number is we need to put steps in place to make sure that this country is not attacked from the inside. Those in power today would be the ones we would have to blame for that. 

This starts by shutting down the borders at Canada and Mexico, and not allowing people to flow in as they see fit. Many drugs pass through Canada to get to the United States, and if drugs can get through you can bet that people can get through as well and start a new life here in America. I have no problem with people who want to come legally, but those who want to do us harm know we are on to them and have to come across illegally. Again, if there still are those coming in legally that we know are a threat, our leaders are the only ones to blame for that mistake. 

More on this and many other topics on the show tonight, 130am EST on Blog Talk Radio! Go Steelers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama Invites J-Lo To Super Bowl Party

Where should I even begin with this one? There are so many things wrong with this I cannot begin to believe that the president, during the time of economic and social turmoil not only here but around the world, would invite a couple of celebrities to watch the Super Bowl with him and his family. yes, he can invite anyone he wants to when it comes to having a party at his house, which is the White House. But how many times have I said just because you can do it, does not mean you should! The President just makes it more clear by the day that he is one of the elites in this nation and that the "little people" do not matter to him until he wants to run for re-election. All of you out there who fall for his "caring" should not be allowed to vote, because you are truly pathetic.

Why not do something good for the community and also gain some points with the people at the same time? Inviting J-Lo and her husband to watch the Super Bowl will make people think just like they have about the President all along, that he talks a good talk but he cannot walk the good walk. Inviting some Make a Wish children to watch it in the White House from the Green Bay area and also the Pittsburgh area would have been a very nice thing to do. maybe inviting some troops from those two areas to come and watch the game with the President would have been a great thrill for them, I am sure. Instead, he shows that he is nothing but a Hollywood celebrity in the time of economic trouble in this nation, and he is no leader, he is nothing but the kind of person many people thought they were voting against. 

You may think I am being too hard on the President for this, but this is not the only time he has done things like this. He has a party, it seems, almost every month in the White House for those who are privileged, he goes to shows that many people could never afford to go to, and he almost never wants to be seen with those who may not be as privileged as he is. I hate to sound like a Liberal, even though I think I am at this point, but this is the truth! You cannot tell me that the Liberal base of his party is happy with the excessive partying at the expense of the people when they are all about the "little guy", or so they say they are. This is a situation that could have been used for good, but again the President ruined it to show he is nothing more than what he says he fights against. if you want to see the definition of two-faced, President Obama, look in the mirror! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Violence in Egypt Escalates, CNN's Cooper Attacked

Anderson Cooper Attacked by Mob in Egypt

When we thought all of the violence was as bad as it would get, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked by a mob in Egypt and punched in the head multiple times. This leads to many questions, but just one that I want to discuss in this blog. Why are there reporters right in the middle of this, and American reporters none the less? We could not find an Egyptian reporter to stand in and do some reporting? Was this that hard to accomplish or was putting the life of a journalist in danger better for the ratings?

Luckily Cooper is fine, but something much worse could have happened. We know the Egyptian situation is getting worse by the day and it may not get better for a very long time, so why put American's in danger when we could get the news in another way? This seems to be a question with merit, and only when someone is killed or badly injured will the media take it into consideration. Many "journalists" out there look at us bloggers as a nuisance, but we are on the same team when it comes to keeping people updated on the news that only want to look at other people's blogs and not what is coming off of the television. This may scare some reporters, but again I say we are on the same side and we do not want to see anyone hurt when there is a better way to get the news out of that region.

The news is coming in fast and furious and the people of this country DO want to know what is going on, but there can be prices that are paid for that kind of story. Those who will go out in that kind of unrest are truly brave, but again I hope this is looked at as a warning that American's in Egypt at this time is not a safe bet. All American's should be pulled out of that country for the time being, and if the Muslim Brotherhood were to take over, pull them out permanently. Our government waited too long to sound the alarm to bring people home, but luckily we did not pay for that mistake. There are still American's in Egypt, and they should be brought home as soon as possible to wait this out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did a U.S. Agent Hold a Secret Meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood?

U.S. Hold Secret Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood (WND)

If this is true, then I guess all that talk of staying out of this issue was just that, all talk. You would think a man like Barack Obama, the one that tells us we should stay out of other countries affairs, would also stand by his own teachings and not get involved. This is something I talked about on the show for the past couple of nights and thought was the best thing the President had done in a long time. It turns out our President was doing more behind the scenes than what we were being told, if this story turns out to be accurate. 

I am not saying this is accurate or not, and it might be a story made up in someone's head, but the President or at least the Press Secretary should be answering questions about this. The people want to know if our President sanctioned an agent of the state to talk to the Muslim Brotherhood about taking over the Egyptian government. Not only do we deserve to know this, the Egyptian people deserve to know this and what was said in that conversation. This has everything to do with their people, and their people should be told if the United States is going to knowingly sanction a terror organization bent on attacking Israel to take the reigns of power in Egypt. The people of AMERICA deserve to know this as well! 

As we know there are secret meetings held by diplomats all the time, and if the President wanted to send someone on a meeting, then that is what he wanted to do. But we also have to understand the ramifications of this. A high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood said earlier today that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel,” (JP) 

The Israeli's are going to have to be careful if the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt, and also should be asking President Obama WHY he is making their live miserable by obviously supporting a terror regime taking power right next door to Israel. There are many questions that need to be asked and the President needs to answer these questions. The way he is leading this situation, Egypt will be another Iran in less than 6 months and the United States will be the cause for it yet again.

After-Show Thoughts For 02/01/2011

This is something I am going to try and do after every show, like I used to do at the website last year after the shows. I will come here and write my thoughts about some things I was not able to get to on the show and also the people who ticked me off during the show. I find it funny that some people would come into my show, hear me talk about Democracy, and think I was talking about the United States. Maybe if that person would show up and listen a little more, they would know what I was really talking about. I doubt that will ever happen, and frankly I do not care. I do not do this for those who mock me, but for those who keep downloading the show everyday. Those are the real people who keep the show going.

As I have said before, when talking about health care, it is going to be up to the Supreme Court to decide if this is Constitutional or not, and the decision will probably be very close. I am not sure the people of this country are ready for the verdict, but sooner rather than later we are going to be getting it. The case is working its way through the courts and soon enough the Supreme Court will get their shot to make history. 

We also talked about Sen. Schumer and his dumb comment about the three branches of government being the Senate, House, and President. I surely hope there were no kids watching him on television that day, or they are really going to be confused. Maybe Sen. Schumer can hold a Constitutional party, invite the children, and teach him all he knows! It will be a very short party with not too much speaking and a lot of complaining.

There will be more to come tomorrow, so make sure to check back to this site everyday for more incite on the political world and everything else around us! 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Though I have yet to fully read the decision of the court, I can comment on what is being reported from that decision and how this decision came to be. These are just a couple of quotes from the decision handed down earlier today:

"Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void," 

"This has been a difficult decision to reach and I am aware that it will have indeterminable implications."


This is a huge victory in the whole scheme of things, but it is not the end of the fight. Some judges out there still do respect the people and their right to choose to buy or not to buy a product. This court today found that no one in our government has the power to make us buy something we do not want to buy, and the government will have to challenge the ruling to try to get one in their favor. This could be headed straight for the Supreme Court, but we will see what the government wants to do in that regard. They do have the option of asking the Supreme Court to take this case, knowing that inevitably it will end up in their lap anyway. We do not know if this will happen, but will keep a close eye on it. 

I know this ruling will get the left all fired up, and I am sure the President will have something to say about this. I hope he looks deep into himself and finds a place where he understands what the American people are talking about. The federal government cannot make someone buy something they do not want to buy, and that is it! If the President see's it otherwise, he should have argued that this was a tax, instead of arguing there would be no new taxes. Since he did that, he set himself up for this defeat today, and in my opinion a defeat at the Supreme Court very soon. 

More to come on this story later on Conservative T & T on Blog Talk Radio, 1am EST!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt In Chaos

The middle East is seeing some of its worst civilian uprisings in a very long time in the past month or so. Many people smell that they can have a taste of freedom, something they have never had before. While I am always on the side of those looking for freedom, you have to be careful what you wish for. The Egyptian people are in the streets as I write this and they want a different government, new leaders, and a new outlook on the future. While the United States SHOULD stay out of this, for the most part, we should also let the people know that as long as they do want a democratic society, the people of America are behind them.

I have no doubt that the people of Egypt want this, it is what the others want out of that country that scares me and others. There is a great chance here that terror organizations could spring up in that country and try to take power during a transition. This is something I do not think the Egyptian people are taking into account, and they must if they are going to have the kind of government that they want to have. They want to have a say, they want their voices heard, and when their voices are not being heard for so long these kinds of things take place.

I do not condone violence of any kind, but this is a different part of the world with different rules. We have no idea what it is like to live under the same ruler for 30 or more years! In this country we go to the election booths so often those who we do not like we can vote out. In many areas of this world, this is not the case and people, at some point, get angry and revolt. This is what we are seeing in Egypt and other nation, but we do not need that here like some have said we do. We still have the ace in the whole in this country, and for the most part I do not think our government is so stupid to lock our internet and communications down for a long period of time. If they would, I promise you there will still be those of us out there that get the word out to the world.

I hope and pray that those who are injured heal quickly, and that the government in Egypt allow the people to be ruled the way they wish to be ruled. It should be up to the people, not a dictator who has control of almost everything. The people are starting to take their power back, though I hope they know what they are doing. 

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