Sunday, February 27, 2011

Been A While, But A Lot More Coming!

Thank you all who listened to my final show before I take a little break from the show. It has been a year since starting Conservative T & T, and we are still going strong. I will be back in April to start talking more about the Presidential elections that are coming very soon and other news as well. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and I am no different. I do appreciate everyone being so loyal to the show and all the new listeners that have helped me grow the show to something I never thought it would be.

While the show is off the air for the next month, you will be able to find my thoughts here. I hope you will all participate in the discussions and throw in your two cents, even if you disagree with me.

Have a great night, and thank you all again for your support. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indiana Lawmakers Now Leaving The State!

I understand that all the Democrats want to at least be like each other, if not one-up each other if they can, but this is getting ridiculous. Do the lawmakers in these states, Wisconsin and Indiana, understand at some point they are going to LOSE! There is no way around it. There are three ways it will happen: They will come back on their own, they will be arrested, they will be recalled. That is it everyone, that is the choice the lawmakers have in Wisconsin and Indiana. The Democrats have sided with the unions for so long they do not know where their loyalties lie, but this shows the people all across the country the TRUE colors of the Democratic Party and who they REALLY work for.

This looks a lot like something small children would do at playtime in elementary school (where by the way the kids of Wisconsin are not learning how to READ!). Do you remember the good old days of Democrats passing legislation because they KNEW the people would come around to it? Do you remember the good ol' days when the Democrats did not run, they shoved it down out throat until it was sore? Those days are over, ladies and gentlemen. The days of running across state lines to avoid detection and having to do any kind of work at all until the next election when more Democrats will lose their seats because of games like this is happening now. If the Democrats think this will help them, they are mistaken. 

The Republicans need to keep the pressure up on the state and national level, and more states need to bring legislation to the floor that will lead Democrats to leave the state. This is a win-win situation for the Republicans. If the Democrats leave, the people will see they are not working for them and the next election will turn the seat, and if they stay you can put a real hammer down on the union power in these states and start to get some fiscal responsibility back into government. Having said that, the Republicans need to only sit back and watch the Democrats implode from within, because we MAY be seeing the age of a new political party starting to emerge in this country with the Democrats on their last leg. Will it come soon? I really doubt it but changes take time and the lesser of two evils, many times, wins the day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

UK's Cameron Says Multiculturalism has Failed

It has been a couple days since I wrote anything up, and since this is a topic I will be covering on the show later tonight, I thought I might as well get some thoughts out before hand. Here is the article I will be using on the show later tonight:

The UK is finally starting to wake up, even though for years they have been calling people who said the same thing "crazy" "racists" and every other name in the book you could find. NOW the UK wants to open their eyes when earlier last year I said on the show it may be too little too late for them at this point. I do believe they can change, but the open door policy that they have had for those who would be extremists has been on-going for a very long time. To try and change everything now, when the country is almost certainly filled with extremists would be a very hard task indeed. If they choose to be tougher on those they allow into their nation, then maybe they will get somewhere down the road. 
For right now, the United States also needs to look at this kind of policy, and those in positions of power have to be willing to admit that they have screwed up royally! I know this is not something our government is good at doing, but for the country it needs to be done. How many people in this nation right now would be able to cause it harm because of their extreme Islamic ideology? The number may not be high or it may be, but no matter what the number is we need to put steps in place to make sure that this country is not attacked from the inside. Those in power today would be the ones we would have to blame for that. 

This starts by shutting down the borders at Canada and Mexico, and not allowing people to flow in as they see fit. Many drugs pass through Canada to get to the United States, and if drugs can get through you can bet that people can get through as well and start a new life here in America. I have no problem with people who want to come legally, but those who want to do us harm know we are on to them and have to come across illegally. Again, if there still are those coming in legally that we know are a threat, our leaders are the only ones to blame for that mistake. 

More on this and many other topics on the show tonight, 130am EST on Blog Talk Radio! Go Steelers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama Invites J-Lo To Super Bowl Party

Where should I even begin with this one? There are so many things wrong with this I cannot begin to believe that the president, during the time of economic and social turmoil not only here but around the world, would invite a couple of celebrities to watch the Super Bowl with him and his family. yes, he can invite anyone he wants to when it comes to having a party at his house, which is the White House. But how many times have I said just because you can do it, does not mean you should! The President just makes it more clear by the day that he is one of the elites in this nation and that the "little people" do not matter to him until he wants to run for re-election. All of you out there who fall for his "caring" should not be allowed to vote, because you are truly pathetic.

Why not do something good for the community and also gain some points with the people at the same time? Inviting J-Lo and her husband to watch the Super Bowl will make people think just like they have about the President all along, that he talks a good talk but he cannot walk the good walk. Inviting some Make a Wish children to watch it in the White House from the Green Bay area and also the Pittsburgh area would have been a very nice thing to do. maybe inviting some troops from those two areas to come and watch the game with the President would have been a great thrill for them, I am sure. Instead, he shows that he is nothing but a Hollywood celebrity in the time of economic trouble in this nation, and he is no leader, he is nothing but the kind of person many people thought they were voting against. 

You may think I am being too hard on the President for this, but this is not the only time he has done things like this. He has a party, it seems, almost every month in the White House for those who are privileged, he goes to shows that many people could never afford to go to, and he almost never wants to be seen with those who may not be as privileged as he is. I hate to sound like a Liberal, even though I think I am at this point, but this is the truth! You cannot tell me that the Liberal base of his party is happy with the excessive partying at the expense of the people when they are all about the "little guy", or so they say they are. This is a situation that could have been used for good, but again the President ruined it to show he is nothing more than what he says he fights against. if you want to see the definition of two-faced, President Obama, look in the mirror! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Violence in Egypt Escalates, CNN's Cooper Attacked

Anderson Cooper Attacked by Mob in Egypt

When we thought all of the violence was as bad as it would get, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked by a mob in Egypt and punched in the head multiple times. This leads to many questions, but just one that I want to discuss in this blog. Why are there reporters right in the middle of this, and American reporters none the less? We could not find an Egyptian reporter to stand in and do some reporting? Was this that hard to accomplish or was putting the life of a journalist in danger better for the ratings?

Luckily Cooper is fine, but something much worse could have happened. We know the Egyptian situation is getting worse by the day and it may not get better for a very long time, so why put American's in danger when we could get the news in another way? This seems to be a question with merit, and only when someone is killed or badly injured will the media take it into consideration. Many "journalists" out there look at us bloggers as a nuisance, but we are on the same team when it comes to keeping people updated on the news that only want to look at other people's blogs and not what is coming off of the television. This may scare some reporters, but again I say we are on the same side and we do not want to see anyone hurt when there is a better way to get the news out of that region.

The news is coming in fast and furious and the people of this country DO want to know what is going on, but there can be prices that are paid for that kind of story. Those who will go out in that kind of unrest are truly brave, but again I hope this is looked at as a warning that American's in Egypt at this time is not a safe bet. All American's should be pulled out of that country for the time being, and if the Muslim Brotherhood were to take over, pull them out permanently. Our government waited too long to sound the alarm to bring people home, but luckily we did not pay for that mistake. There are still American's in Egypt, and they should be brought home as soon as possible to wait this out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did a U.S. Agent Hold a Secret Meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood?

U.S. Hold Secret Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood (WND)

If this is true, then I guess all that talk of staying out of this issue was just that, all talk. You would think a man like Barack Obama, the one that tells us we should stay out of other countries affairs, would also stand by his own teachings and not get involved. This is something I talked about on the show for the past couple of nights and thought was the best thing the President had done in a long time. It turns out our President was doing more behind the scenes than what we were being told, if this story turns out to be accurate. 

I am not saying this is accurate or not, and it might be a story made up in someone's head, but the President or at least the Press Secretary should be answering questions about this. The people want to know if our President sanctioned an agent of the state to talk to the Muslim Brotherhood about taking over the Egyptian government. Not only do we deserve to know this, the Egyptian people deserve to know this and what was said in that conversation. This has everything to do with their people, and their people should be told if the United States is going to knowingly sanction a terror organization bent on attacking Israel to take the reigns of power in Egypt. The people of AMERICA deserve to know this as well! 

As we know there are secret meetings held by diplomats all the time, and if the President wanted to send someone on a meeting, then that is what he wanted to do. But we also have to understand the ramifications of this. A high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood said earlier today that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel,” (JP) 

The Israeli's are going to have to be careful if the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt, and also should be asking President Obama WHY he is making their live miserable by obviously supporting a terror regime taking power right next door to Israel. There are many questions that need to be asked and the President needs to answer these questions. The way he is leading this situation, Egypt will be another Iran in less than 6 months and the United States will be the cause for it yet again.

After-Show Thoughts For 02/01/2011

This is something I am going to try and do after every show, like I used to do at the website last year after the shows. I will come here and write my thoughts about some things I was not able to get to on the show and also the people who ticked me off during the show. I find it funny that some people would come into my show, hear me talk about Democracy, and think I was talking about the United States. Maybe if that person would show up and listen a little more, they would know what I was really talking about. I doubt that will ever happen, and frankly I do not care. I do not do this for those who mock me, but for those who keep downloading the show everyday. Those are the real people who keep the show going.

As I have said before, when talking about health care, it is going to be up to the Supreme Court to decide if this is Constitutional or not, and the decision will probably be very close. I am not sure the people of this country are ready for the verdict, but sooner rather than later we are going to be getting it. The case is working its way through the courts and soon enough the Supreme Court will get their shot to make history. 

We also talked about Sen. Schumer and his dumb comment about the three branches of government being the Senate, House, and President. I surely hope there were no kids watching him on television that day, or they are really going to be confused. Maybe Sen. Schumer can hold a Constitutional party, invite the children, and teach him all he knows! It will be a very short party with not too much speaking and a lot of complaining.

There will be more to come tomorrow, so make sure to check back to this site everyday for more incite on the political world and everything else around us!