Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt In Chaos

The middle East is seeing some of its worst civilian uprisings in a very long time in the past month or so. Many people smell that they can have a taste of freedom, something they have never had before. While I am always on the side of those looking for freedom, you have to be careful what you wish for. The Egyptian people are in the streets as I write this and they want a different government, new leaders, and a new outlook on the future. While the United States SHOULD stay out of this, for the most part, we should also let the people know that as long as they do want a democratic society, the people of America are behind them.

I have no doubt that the people of Egypt want this, it is what the others want out of that country that scares me and others. There is a great chance here that terror organizations could spring up in that country and try to take power during a transition. This is something I do not think the Egyptian people are taking into account, and they must if they are going to have the kind of government that they want to have. They want to have a say, they want their voices heard, and when their voices are not being heard for so long these kinds of things take place.

I do not condone violence of any kind, but this is a different part of the world with different rules. We have no idea what it is like to live under the same ruler for 30 or more years! In this country we go to the election booths so often those who we do not like we can vote out. In many areas of this world, this is not the case and people, at some point, get angry and revolt. This is what we are seeing in Egypt and other nation, but we do not need that here like some have said we do. We still have the ace in the whole in this country, and for the most part I do not think our government is so stupid to lock our internet and communications down for a long period of time. If they would, I promise you there will still be those of us out there that get the word out to the world.

I hope and pray that those who are injured heal quickly, and that the government in Egypt allow the people to be ruled the way they wish to be ruled. It should be up to the people, not a dictator who has control of almost everything. The people are starting to take their power back, though I hope they know what they are doing. 

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