Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frank Buckles Being Denied His Day Because of Congressional Leadership

Frank Buckles, the final American to pass away who fought valiantly in World War I for this nation, passed away early last week. I have been wondering what to say about this, and that is why I have not written anything so far. Tonight, however, I am a little bit mad and I am kind of glad I am not doing the show this month or all of you would have had to listen to me scream about Rep. Boehner, Sen. Reid, and their incompetent decision to not allow this American hero to lay in State at the Capitol Rotunda. The LAST surviving member who fought for America in World War I is not good enough to lay in the Capitol? Really? Why not? Was his sacrifice not good enough? What did he do for America but help fight to protect t it! These people in Congress make me sick, and they are all self-absorbed stuck up rich boys who could care less about the historical significance of this moment in time. Boehner, someone who I thought was different, is no different than all the others and the people can see it in this situation.

What does the Congress want to do? Have a "celebration" outside the Capitol to celebrate the life of a man, and other men, who fought for this nation. This man is not good enough to lay in state at the Capitol. Let us look at those who were given the honor of lying in state... Unknown Soldier of World War I (yes, the unknown soldier of World War I laid in state..odd, is it not?), J. Edgar Hoover, and ROSA PARKS!!!! I did not list the President's who have laid in state or the others, but there are some many of you will not know. These are the biggest names that have been given the honor in our nations history. This could also be given, by Congressional decree, to Frank Buckles. This is not being done because the leadership in the House and the Senate only care about themselves.

And why is our President silent on this? You would think he would have th e power to tell the Congress to act on this before they go any forward on anything else. This would take a few minutes to vote on and then we could go back to work on other issues of our day. The President has missed an opportunity to be a classy guy, so I am convinced he must not be.

All in all, we have lost our sense of respect for others and it makes me so mad to think that these people in Washington cannot stop thinking about themselves for TWO MINUTES to recognize a man who deserves to be recognized. If Rose Parks was given the honor, then this man, Frank Buckles, a man who FOUGHT for this nation and lied so he could, should also.

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