Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is It Wise To Blame "NO Child Left Behind" For the Failing Schools?

82% of schools could be labeled as FAILING

The Department of Education is now blaming the No Child Left Behind Act for the failing schools, saying that the restrictions are so tight that schools cannot keep up with the requirements. Is this because the schools are not doing their job or because the requirements are too tough on the schools? I thought we cared about our children enough to do what it takes to get them the best education possible, but when that fails we blame Bush yet again for trying to fix the schools that are broken. Let me let you in on a little secret...THESE SCHOOLS WERE FAILING BEFORE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!! There was no basis to judge the schools before that point, and now that we have them and a large number of schools are failing, the restrictions are the problem, not the schools. If the Department of Education had any brains at all they would know that these schools were failing long before No Child was passed into law.

The President would like to spend even more money on the schools and get rid of No Child Left Behind, but making rules that schools will be able to follow just to say they are not failing does this country no good. Like many other aspects of government, the Democrats want to cook the books, so to speak, to make it seem as if the schools are doing well when in fact they are still failing and the kids are still not learning. We need REAL education reform in this nation, and that does not begin by throwing more money at the problem. We have spent money and it has made the situation worse, now it is time to get the parents involved in their child's life. If the parent's do not care, then why are the kids going to care? If the kids want to just go home and play XBox or Playstation and eat a bag of chips and not do their assignments, I do not care how much money you spend we will still have a country full of stupid kids!

No Child Left Behind is NOT the reason schools are failing, the SCHOOLS are the reason the schools are failing. The money is not being used appropriately, kids are being taught be teachers who could care less if they teach or not as long as they get their benefits, and a government that wants to change the rules in the middle of the game to make kids think they are smarter than they all are. Why not just give every kid an A no matter how well they do just to pass them along? Our educational system is trash, and anyone who thinks that No Child Left Behind CAUSED this problem have no idea what you are talking about.

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