Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should Western Nations Get Involved in Libya?

This is something that I talked about on the show before the break but thought I would add a few more thoughts to the discussion and see if anyone would want to jump in. The way I see it, what needs to be done is anything that can be done within reason to protect the people of Libya. These people are being killed because they want a new leader, new government, and a new outlook on life. The Middle East is going through a very large change, and Libya is no exception. It is not up to the American people or the American government who the Libyan people decide to lead them, but it should be the world's job to make sure that innocent people are not taken out in body bags as a dictator kills his own people until the bitter end. This has gone on for far too many days, and the United Nations should be ashamed of themselves.

It was not until Monday until Western nations starting moving in to the border of Libya to help the people of that country. Why could that not have been done a week ago when we KNEW that Qaddafi was killing his own people and handing out weapons to those who sympathize with his regime. We all know at some point he will fall, but that does not mean he has the right to take as many people with him as possible. If this was in any other place in the world we would have sent troops in the day after we heard the rumblings and made sure it stopped. Because it is happening in the Middle East and we are afraid of what the people may think if they see NATO troops, then we stop and pass resolutions to tell Qaddafi to stop. It might be just me but I do not think he is listening to us!

ALL people, not just American's, deserve the right to elect their own government and feel safe that their government will not come into their home at night and kill them for protesting against the government that was meant to protect them. This is what everyone wants, yet not many people have it. If the Libyan people do not want this, then that is fine. On the other hand, I do not think that they want to be killed in the street by their leader or those sympathetic to that cause. If the West sent troops in tomorrow, took Qaddafi, then left the day after those in Libya would be happy we intervened. They would be happy because it would be one less day they would have to watch their loved ones being gunned down.

You may not agree with me, and I know many of you do not. Some may think we should leave that part of the world alone and not stick our noses into their business, but when innocent people are being killed it is not only our right but the duty of the American people to stand with them and say we KNOW you want to be free! It is our duty to stand and say we will stand with you, help you, and then leave you to make your own choices without the United Nations, United States government, or any other entity that may want to stick their noses where it does not belong. The PEOPLE of Libya are crying for help, yet the body in charge of helping them is silent when people are being murdered. The United Nations has served its purpose and is no longer needed as far as I am concerned. The individual nations of the world can help, leave, and then let the Libyan people decide what they want. 

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