Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should Racists and Bigots be Made to Shut Up or Should we Hear What They Have to Say?

I know there are many of you that come across racists, bigots, and every kind of person that has some kind of problem with another people on a daily basis. Do you want to hear what they have to say, and should they be allowed to say it? This comes up because I have traveled through a few BTR chat rooms over the past couple of months and have seen racism on both sides of the spectrum. You would think by this time in our lives we could get past color and religion, but many older Americans who are stuck in their ways refuse to admit they are no different than the black guy or white guy down the street. What is also becoming more evident is the hatred against the Jews in America. I know some may think it is funny, but it really is not. The Jews did not do 9/11, they do not run the world, and they are not cooking up a plan to be a dominate religion that will pounce on all religions and make everyone pray to their God. This is just not happening, but those filled with hate are the ones who will tell you it is true.

More to the point, though, do we want to hear it or is it better for those people who have those feelings to keep it to themselves? I did a show once when a caller told me they want to know what others are thinking so they know not to associate themselves with them in the future. This makes sense because we would like to know who we are associating with at all times. However, the opposite side to that would be those people who have these feelings are able to connect with others who also feel the same way. They can make people who would not normally agree with them agree because they are in a group where the majority of people are hating against another kind of people.

I have been watching the people at my show and what they say and how they say it. I have seen the same people in other shows and I have to admit I am not that impressed with how many people come across when they are around those who may hate someone because the color of their skin or because of their religion. One moment people are saying how much they support Israel and the next they are at an NWO themed show talking about how the Jews are out to get everyone. It cannot be just me, the rest of you out there have to see it as well. It makes me sick to see that people, today, cannot get along because some other people make up things in their minds and pass it off as fact. There is NO PROOF that Israel, Jews, or anyone like that was involved with the 9/11 attacks yet people out there still say it?

So, do you want to hear other people's hatred or would you rather not hear it and have them keep it behind closed doors? Me, I am split on this so I will wait and see what all of you have to say on the subject. 

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