Thursday, March 3, 2011

Obama's Mexico Problem: Why No Action?

It seems that American's are being gunned down at an incredible rate inside Mexico and even over the border into the United States by drug lords and smugglers, yet our President seems to be slow to act. I try to think about what those in the past history of this country would have down, and it would have had to be more than what President Obama and even President Bush did on this issue. The two, on immigration, are cut from the same cloth and have this strange idea that if they protect the American people from being killed on their own property on the border they will tick off the Mexican government. Even if that was the case, I ask why should we care what the Mexican government thinks?

For far too long we have allowed Mexico to become a safe haven for drugs and those who smuggle people into the United States, and there has been no recourse taken against the Mexican government. Our last few President's have been very weak on this issue, and now that MORE Americans are dying the people of this country want results, not just more political talk and more people being killed.

I am not saying we should invade Mexico tomorrow and make sure this does not cross our borders anymore, but there are other ways we can make sure this does not cross our borders and we are not doing it. Everything these days is about talking to one another to get things done, as if that has ever worked in the past. Do any of you think drug and human smugglers are going to listen to our President or the Mexican President if they sat down to talk with them? You have to be some kind of stupid to think they would! 

This has been a topic I have talked about many times on the show and will have to talk about more it seems when the show resumes next month. I have yet to understand what the mindset is of the people who lead these two countries. I know what the NWO nuts think is going on, but even that has flaws. If our governments wanted to join a new type of union at some point, having people killed in Mexico would not be good enough for the people of this country when it comes to getting behind something like that. It is all about fooling people into believing it is for the best, and what the people see now would frighten them to no end if there were to be some kind of union put in place between the North American countries. For the time being, their plans (at least the ones talked about by the conspiracy theorists) are failing miserably.

I would hope that all of you out there are reading this and will call your Senator's and Congress-people and let them know how you feel about American's being killed in the violence going on over at the other side of the border. Let them know this has to end and the American's living on the border of Mexico deserve the right to be protected just as those in other states would be protected. This injustice has gone on long enough, and it is about time something was done about it.

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