Saturday, March 12, 2011

Global Warming to Blame? You Know It!

Global Warming Caused Japan Earthquake?

There is another blog about this that you MUST read, and was written by another host over at Blog Talk Radio, Diane Student, host of the Freedom Wings Show.That link is below, and the link about is to another entry that I picked up on from a Google search.

Global Warming to Blame for Japanese Earthquake? (via Freedoms Wings Blog) 

Now, I know most of you do not have to be scientists to know that the earthquakes were not caused by a warming or cooling in the climate. Those who are trying to tell you that melting ice caps are moving and then causing earthquakes and somehow volcanic eruptions leaves me speechless. How can a normal person believe this is the case when all the science we have ever learned as a child would spit in the face of this kind of theory? There is NO WAY this is the cause, yet there are people who will fall for it hook, line, and sinker because they are looking for ways to blame industrialization on anything they can.

If we were to look back at what the Earth USED TO look like, we would have seen one massive continent known to scientists as Pangaea. This super-continent was then broken up by movements in our plate system and other factors that are still theorized to this day. For this continent to even have formed to to break apart, in the theory of those who blame climate change for the earthquake, then there should have been a massive warming period to go along with it. This is something we do not have evidence of. Since there is no evidence that Pangaea was broken up by warming trends caused by industrialization of Paleozoic creatures, then the theory that this earthquake was caused by man made means is ridiculous.

I am no scientific expert, but I have studied this at length in college and in other venues and the same answer keeps coming up: WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHIFTING OF PLATES!!! There may be some out there that disagree, but the argument you give is off the mark. No one is going to believe you when all scientific proof points to that these things happen, and will continue to happen no matter what humans do industrially. If someone can prove me wrong, I am here waiting for the proof. I am certain, however, that your theories are baseless and have no scientific backing what so ever.

A tragedy is now being used to advance a political agenda, which should not surprise us in the least considering that these men who are pushing the climate change argument are only looking for their next payday. It is sad that people would use this to advance an agenda like this when people are STILL being found dead in the streets and there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS still missing and feared dead. You have to have some sort of mind to try and get people to believe something that is not true in times of trouble, just to make a quick buck.

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