Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After-Show Thoughts For 02/01/2011

This is something I am going to try and do after every show, like I used to do at the website last year after the shows. I will come here and write my thoughts about some things I was not able to get to on the show and also the people who ticked me off during the show. I find it funny that some people would come into my show, hear me talk about Democracy, and think I was talking about the United States. Maybe if that person would show up and listen a little more, they would know what I was really talking about. I doubt that will ever happen, and frankly I do not care. I do not do this for those who mock me, but for those who keep downloading the show everyday. Those are the real people who keep the show going.

As I have said before, when talking about health care, it is going to be up to the Supreme Court to decide if this is Constitutional or not, and the decision will probably be very close. I am not sure the people of this country are ready for the verdict, but sooner rather than later we are going to be getting it. The case is working its way through the courts and soon enough the Supreme Court will get their shot to make history. 

We also talked about Sen. Schumer and his dumb comment about the three branches of government being the Senate, House, and President. I surely hope there were no kids watching him on television that day, or they are really going to be confused. Maybe Sen. Schumer can hold a Constitutional party, invite the children, and teach him all he knows! It will be a very short party with not too much speaking and a lot of complaining.

There will be more to come tomorrow, so make sure to check back to this site everyday for more incite on the political world and everything else around us! 

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