Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indiana Lawmakers Now Leaving The State!

I understand that all the Democrats want to at least be like each other, if not one-up each other if they can, but this is getting ridiculous. Do the lawmakers in these states, Wisconsin and Indiana, understand at some point they are going to LOSE! There is no way around it. There are three ways it will happen: They will come back on their own, they will be arrested, they will be recalled. That is it everyone, that is the choice the lawmakers have in Wisconsin and Indiana. The Democrats have sided with the unions for so long they do not know where their loyalties lie, but this shows the people all across the country the TRUE colors of the Democratic Party and who they REALLY work for.

This looks a lot like something small children would do at playtime in elementary school (where by the way the kids of Wisconsin are not learning how to READ!). Do you remember the good old days of Democrats passing legislation because they KNEW the people would come around to it? Do you remember the good ol' days when the Democrats did not run, they shoved it down out throat until it was sore? Those days are over, ladies and gentlemen. The days of running across state lines to avoid detection and having to do any kind of work at all until the next election when more Democrats will lose their seats because of games like this is happening now. If the Democrats think this will help them, they are mistaken. 

The Republicans need to keep the pressure up on the state and national level, and more states need to bring legislation to the floor that will lead Democrats to leave the state. This is a win-win situation for the Republicans. If the Democrats leave, the people will see they are not working for them and the next election will turn the seat, and if they stay you can put a real hammer down on the union power in these states and start to get some fiscal responsibility back into government. Having said that, the Republicans need to only sit back and watch the Democrats implode from within, because we MAY be seeing the age of a new political party starting to emerge in this country with the Democrats on their last leg. Will it come soon? I really doubt it but changes take time and the lesser of two evils, many times, wins the day.

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