Saturday, February 5, 2011

UK's Cameron Says Multiculturalism has Failed

It has been a couple days since I wrote anything up, and since this is a topic I will be covering on the show later tonight, I thought I might as well get some thoughts out before hand. Here is the article I will be using on the show later tonight:

The UK is finally starting to wake up, even though for years they have been calling people who said the same thing "crazy" "racists" and every other name in the book you could find. NOW the UK wants to open their eyes when earlier last year I said on the show it may be too little too late for them at this point. I do believe they can change, but the open door policy that they have had for those who would be extremists has been on-going for a very long time. To try and change everything now, when the country is almost certainly filled with extremists would be a very hard task indeed. If they choose to be tougher on those they allow into their nation, then maybe they will get somewhere down the road. 
For right now, the United States also needs to look at this kind of policy, and those in positions of power have to be willing to admit that they have screwed up royally! I know this is not something our government is good at doing, but for the country it needs to be done. How many people in this nation right now would be able to cause it harm because of their extreme Islamic ideology? The number may not be high or it may be, but no matter what the number is we need to put steps in place to make sure that this country is not attacked from the inside. Those in power today would be the ones we would have to blame for that. 

This starts by shutting down the borders at Canada and Mexico, and not allowing people to flow in as they see fit. Many drugs pass through Canada to get to the United States, and if drugs can get through you can bet that people can get through as well and start a new life here in America. I have no problem with people who want to come legally, but those who want to do us harm know we are on to them and have to come across illegally. Again, if there still are those coming in legally that we know are a threat, our leaders are the only ones to blame for that mistake. 

More on this and many other topics on the show tonight, 130am EST on Blog Talk Radio! Go Steelers!

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