Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Violence in Egypt Escalates, CNN's Cooper Attacked

Anderson Cooper Attacked by Mob in Egypt

When we thought all of the violence was as bad as it would get, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked by a mob in Egypt and punched in the head multiple times. This leads to many questions, but just one that I want to discuss in this blog. Why are there reporters right in the middle of this, and American reporters none the less? We could not find an Egyptian reporter to stand in and do some reporting? Was this that hard to accomplish or was putting the life of a journalist in danger better for the ratings?

Luckily Cooper is fine, but something much worse could have happened. We know the Egyptian situation is getting worse by the day and it may not get better for a very long time, so why put American's in danger when we could get the news in another way? This seems to be a question with merit, and only when someone is killed or badly injured will the media take it into consideration. Many "journalists" out there look at us bloggers as a nuisance, but we are on the same team when it comes to keeping people updated on the news that only want to look at other people's blogs and not what is coming off of the television. This may scare some reporters, but again I say we are on the same side and we do not want to see anyone hurt when there is a better way to get the news out of that region.

The news is coming in fast and furious and the people of this country DO want to know what is going on, but there can be prices that are paid for that kind of story. Those who will go out in that kind of unrest are truly brave, but again I hope this is looked at as a warning that American's in Egypt at this time is not a safe bet. All American's should be pulled out of that country for the time being, and if the Muslim Brotherhood were to take over, pull them out permanently. Our government waited too long to sound the alarm to bring people home, but luckily we did not pay for that mistake. There are still American's in Egypt, and they should be brought home as soon as possible to wait this out.

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