Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama Invites J-Lo To Super Bowl Party

Where should I even begin with this one? There are so many things wrong with this I cannot begin to believe that the president, during the time of economic and social turmoil not only here but around the world, would invite a couple of celebrities to watch the Super Bowl with him and his family. yes, he can invite anyone he wants to when it comes to having a party at his house, which is the White House. But how many times have I said just because you can do it, does not mean you should! The President just makes it more clear by the day that he is one of the elites in this nation and that the "little people" do not matter to him until he wants to run for re-election. All of you out there who fall for his "caring" should not be allowed to vote, because you are truly pathetic.

Why not do something good for the community and also gain some points with the people at the same time? Inviting J-Lo and her husband to watch the Super Bowl will make people think just like they have about the President all along, that he talks a good talk but he cannot walk the good walk. Inviting some Make a Wish children to watch it in the White House from the Green Bay area and also the Pittsburgh area would have been a very nice thing to do. maybe inviting some troops from those two areas to come and watch the game with the President would have been a great thrill for them, I am sure. Instead, he shows that he is nothing but a Hollywood celebrity in the time of economic trouble in this nation, and he is no leader, he is nothing but the kind of person many people thought they were voting against. 

You may think I am being too hard on the President for this, but this is not the only time he has done things like this. He has a party, it seems, almost every month in the White House for those who are privileged, he goes to shows that many people could never afford to go to, and he almost never wants to be seen with those who may not be as privileged as he is. I hate to sound like a Liberal, even though I think I am at this point, but this is the truth! You cannot tell me that the Liberal base of his party is happy with the excessive partying at the expense of the people when they are all about the "little guy", or so they say they are. This is a situation that could have been used for good, but again the President ruined it to show he is nothing more than what he says he fights against. if you want to see the definition of two-faced, President Obama, look in the mirror! 

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