Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did a U.S. Agent Hold a Secret Meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood?

U.S. Hold Secret Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood (WND)

If this is true, then I guess all that talk of staying out of this issue was just that, all talk. You would think a man like Barack Obama, the one that tells us we should stay out of other countries affairs, would also stand by his own teachings and not get involved. This is something I talked about on the show for the past couple of nights and thought was the best thing the President had done in a long time. It turns out our President was doing more behind the scenes than what we were being told, if this story turns out to be accurate. 

I am not saying this is accurate or not, and it might be a story made up in someone's head, but the President or at least the Press Secretary should be answering questions about this. The people want to know if our President sanctioned an agent of the state to talk to the Muslim Brotherhood about taking over the Egyptian government. Not only do we deserve to know this, the Egyptian people deserve to know this and what was said in that conversation. This has everything to do with their people, and their people should be told if the United States is going to knowingly sanction a terror organization bent on attacking Israel to take the reigns of power in Egypt. The people of AMERICA deserve to know this as well! 

As we know there are secret meetings held by diplomats all the time, and if the President wanted to send someone on a meeting, then that is what he wanted to do. But we also have to understand the ramifications of this. A high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood said earlier today that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel,” (JP) 

The Israeli's are going to have to be careful if the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt, and also should be asking President Obama WHY he is making their live miserable by obviously supporting a terror regime taking power right next door to Israel. There are many questions that need to be asked and the President needs to answer these questions. The way he is leading this situation, Egypt will be another Iran in less than 6 months and the United States will be the cause for it yet again.

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